About Remediation day

Remediation Day is an initiative of Hannover Milieu en Veiligheidstechniek B.V. from The Netherlands and WeGroSan bvba from Belgium.

The goal of the conference is threefold:

  1.  To create a platform to share technical knowledge and project experience related to (in-situ) Soil Remediation.
  2. To create an atmosphere where consultants, contractors, suppliers and customers from across Europe come together to meet each other and (re)connect
  3. To create an inspiring environment where new ideas may germinate to remediate and safeguard our soils.

Brief history:

The first official Remediation Day was held during a cold and snowy day in February 2017 in Ede, The Netherlands. Approximately 100 professionals in the fields of soil remediation attended. Due to the many requests to organize the conference a second time, we organized it in Mechelen, Belgium, March 2018. More than 160 participants from more than 10 countries around Europe attended. After this event, we decided to make it a two-yearly event in stead of every year. The next conference will be held on the 6th of February 2020 in Eindhoven where we expect to welcome more than 200 professionals in the fields of Soil Remediation from across Europe.

Marco van der Brand, Managing Director at HMVT shares his story and how Remediation Day came into being